If you intend to participate in the school, you need to contact us via e-mail (deadline for registration 1st February 2012). Please send an e-mail to "M -dot- Rigo -at- ulg -dot- ac -dot- be". If you need financial support through a grant, see the details given here. In this e-mail, please provide the following informations: When a tentative list of participants is ready, we will send this list to the CIRM center and they will contact you directly for the final and official registration. See the official CIRM page about the school.

In addition to the lectures, we will make some room for contributed talks (see the tentative schedule). Priority will be given to young researchers to present their work during the school. If you intend to give such a presentation, send us at the same time a long abstract of your contribution (at most 2 pages). Again, this abstract will help us in the decision process.