School on Combinatorics, Automata and Number Theory - CIRM Marseille - May 2012

From 21st to 25th May 2012, the third edition of the summer school CANT will be organized in CIRM (Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques: international center of mathematical meetings in Marseille, France). The first two editions were organized in Liège (Belgium). The first edition and the second edition gathered respectively 100 and 60 participants.

Audience. This meeting is meant to be both an international summer school and conference. To reach these complementary goals, high quality lecturers of international recognition have been selected. Due to their scientific and pedagogical capabilities, we hope that they will attract a wide audience including Ph.D. students, young researchers as well as more mature researchers.

This time, we propose in CIRM a CANT international school which is aimed at presenting and developing recent trends in Combinatorics, Automata Theory and Number Theory. In the last decade, interest in Combinatorics on Words and in the relationships existing between Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science has grown constantly. As a matter of fact, a series of international conferences as well as books are now devoted to these specific topics. One of the leading idea behind our concept of Combinatorics, Automata and Number Theory is to focus on the fruitful interactions existing between these different fields.

The main topics of this school are (4 hours for each subject) For instance, a volume of the Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Application is related to the second edition of the school.

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