Useful Informations


Institute of Mathematics
University of Liège
Grande Traverse 12 (B37)
B-4000 Liège, Belgium.

For any question, send an e-mail to "M -dot- Rigo -at- ulg -dot- ac -dot- be".

How to reach the institute of mathematics by bus from the center of town :

Official web-site for the bus : www.infotec.be
The easiest way to reach the institute is to take line number 48.
The first stop of the line is near the opera-house.
The next stops in the center are For instance use www.mappy.be to obtain a detailed map of Liège.
If you take the bus, say, from the railway station "Guillemins", take care to go in the right direction, i.e., toward the university campus "Sart-tilman" (and not going back to the center of Liège). The full list of the bus stops is given here :

bus 48

A new bus starts every 6 to 9 minutes. The journey from the opera-house takes approximatively 35 minutes.
You can buy one-way ticket from the bus driver (price 1,20 euros). It is possible to buy a travelling card for 8 one-way travels for 5,60 euros (these are available in a "aubette" which is a small construction near the main bus stops. Usually it is not possible to buy such card from the bus-driver).
Inside the university campus, the names of the different stops are in chronological order : The stop "Ateliers" is the closest from the Institute of Mathematics. Generally, the names of the stops are indicated inside the bus and also on the bus stops. Be careful not missing this stop. Just before the bus stop, you will find the "grande traverse" street. The institute is at the end and on the right of this "street".
If you take a look at the campus map : the bus comes from the center, takes the "Route du Condroz", goes through a large roundabout. The stop "Ateliers" is just after the second large roundabout inside the campus.

The other bus going to the campus is line number 58.
It's faster than line 48 because you have less stops.
The full list of stops is given here :

bus 48

A new bus starts every 10 minutes. The journey from the opera-house takes approximatively 25 minutes.
Here, (not shown on the picture), there is also a stop "Ateliers". If you miss it you will have to get out of the bus on the stop "Amphis Europe" close to the roundabout inside the campus.

For pictures, see the french version here. Observe that most streets inside the campus are one-way. So to go back to the center don't take the same bus stop but go a little way further on the "Grande traverse" at the second cross-road, you will find the right bus stop.
A few pictures to have a clearer view: